July 2012: Hedima completes the acquisition of a 60% stake in Gestión del Conocimiento (GEC) from Suma Capital and other private investors, who had acquired it in 2009.

Hedima is one of the key players of the training sector in Spain, and operates also in France, Mexico and Brazil. GEC develops solutions in e-learning, virtual communities, management tools and training management online.

With this acquisition, Hedima strengthens its position thanks to the complementarity of both businesses: (i) Hedima is based in Madrid and GEC in Barcelona, (ii) Hedima is present in public sector training and GEC in private sector training, (iii) Hedima is focused on on-site training and GEC on online training and (iv) GEC has its own platform and technology, which Hedima intends to further develop.

SOCIOS advises on all aspects of the design, negotiation and closing of the transaction.