June 2007: In the context of its annual reporting to its fund investors, Valanza SCR, S.A. (“Valanza”), the private equity fund management company created by Group BBVA, appoints SOCIOS to carry out an independent valuation of its investment portfolio.

The funds managed by Valanza have to date investments in four companies with different activities, sizes and maturity: Técnicas Reunidas (general contractor engaged in the engineering and construction of energy and industrial facilities and listed on the Spanish stock exchange), Svenson (leading provider in Spain and Germany of capillary treatments and solutions for hair loss), Textura (a retailer of home linen with over 100 shops) and Adela Gil (a retailer of shoes and accessories for women).

SOCIOS acts as independent valuer, preparing a detailed analysis of each company and of its business plan and presenting a current valuation of each company to the management team of Valanza.