February 2024 – PFS acquires AIS Group

Headquartered in Barcelona and with operations across Latin America, including Chile, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia, AIS Group has over 30 years of experience in the field of artificial intelligence, a pioneer in Spain. The company develops software and mathematical models for credit risk management, leveraging techniques like artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data. Its offerings primarily cater to the evaluation and recovery of credits for both financial and non-financial entities.

PFS, based in Madrid, has established itself as a leader in technological services and software solutions encompassing the entire credit lifecycle, from origination to management, service and recovery, as well as in other adjacent credit processes. The acquisition of AIS Group significantly enhances PFS’s recurring revenues, bolstering its portfolio of proprietary software. This move solidifies its standing in growing sectors like artificial intelligence and big data-driven mathematical models. Additionally, the acquisition expands PFS’s geographical footprint in northeastern Spain and Latin America.

SOCIOS has advised PFS on all necessary aspects through to closing of the transaction.