July 2009: RoomMate Hotels completes a capital increase subscribed by the Family Office of Rosalía Mera and the family group lead by Pedro Agustín del Castillo, President of Binter Canarias.

RoomMate Hotels, created by its majority shareholder Enrique Sarasola, began operating in 2001, successfully developing an innovating business model based on middle sized avant-garde hotels located in the most exclusive areas of big cities like Madrid, Barcelona, New York and Miami, offering very economical prices. In 2008, RoomMate had 14 operating hotels in Spain and USA, and revenues of €21 million (YoY growth of 149%).

The Family Office of Rosalía Mera (ROSP Corunna), already an investor in the Company, increases its stake in RoomMate to 21% whilst the family group Del Castillo, through the investment vehicle Basphon Investment, acquires a 5,66% stake. The funds will be used to finance an expansion plan of new openings in the major cities of Europe and USA, through a mixed contribution of equity and subordinated debt.