October 2012: Stolt Sea Farm, the Spanish aquaculture subsidiary of the Norwegean listed logistics company, Stolt-Nielsen Limited, completes the acquisition of Acuidoro, the leading independent turbot producer in the Spanish fish farming industry.

Stolt Sea Farm produces and comercializes turbot and sole under the Prodemar brand, and sturgeon and caviar under the Sterling brand. It has two turbot juvenile production facilities in Galicia, nine sole and turbot farms in Spain, Portugal, France and Norway and four sturgeon and caviar farms in the USA.

With this acquisition, Stolt Sea Farm strengthens its position as the leading turbot producer in Europe, and, through Alrogal, Acuidoro’s turbot and sole juvenile production subsidiary, extends its expansion into sole production.

SOCIOS acts as exclusive financial adviser to the shareholders of Acuidoro and advises on all aspects of the design, negotiation and closing of the transaction.